It’s a Craft Country

Unfortunatley, in America mediocrity and sameness is the norm.

Afterall, fast food is by faaaar the best selling food in our nation – and Walmart is the nations largest employer. Beer is no exception.

American corporate lagers is made with one thing in mind – drinkability. And what is more drinkable than cold water? They use corn and rice to produce a substantial amount of the alcohol in their beer because it does so without adding any taste. But that leaves the beer tasting grainy/grassy – to compensate for that, they encourage you to drink beer as close to freezing as possible.

Ever drink a commercial beer lukewarm?

Craft beer is made with one thing in mind – taste and a fierce devotion to quality. And because of that, it actually taste better as it warms a little. Usually around 48 degrees…which is good and cool, not ice cold.

There are hundreds of varities and choices in the craft beer world. Unlike the corporate yellow fizzy stuff – where you would do very well to tell any difference at all. So your choice is to stand in line and be told what you like by a savvy marketing firm – or choose for yourself and drink what you like.

My suggestion it to test, taste the various styles and expand your palate.

With such variety and selections now available to many beer drinkers, I am sure you will find you "beer zone". I know my taste have changed over the years. There is no one beer for every situation. Time of year, food pairing, and alcohol content help determine the proper beer for the right situation. Also remember just because you do not like the beer, does not mean that it is bad beer.

Try and appreciate what the brew was trying to do.