New To Craft Beer

My favorite so far is delirium nocturnum but it isn't sweet it has less bitterness to it though. I'm not even sure if that's a craft beer.

I've tried dogfish head 60 minute ipa and it tasted like grapefruit and had a really bitter after taste.

Some consider all microbreweries and homebrews as craft beer, others also include slightly larger breweries, as long as they independent and not a part of the vast giants such as Ab Inbev etc. But well, what is and isn't craft beer is more of a formality. It's about drinking and enjoying!

As for your question about non-bitter beers, it mostly grows on you. The more you try, the more you will like it. Start with some 'weaker' ipa's, red ale, strong pale ale and such.

If you really don't like bitterness, there's always Gueuze, Hefeweizen, Witbier, pilsner, Springbock (lentebock), Tripels, doubles, Blonde or Quadrupels.

Just try a lot of beers, but don't start of too heavy with double black imperial ipa's and the like. Try the beers, and if you don't like them (because of the bitterness) , maybe try them again in half a year or a year. Your taste might have evolved in such a way that you can actually enjoy the beer then!

If you want to know about the bitterness of a beer, it's measure by a scale named 'IBU'. Some beers will have it on the label, others you can be found online, just search for the ibu. In general, the lower the Ibu, the less bitter your brew is!

Stouts are great, but not for everyone. I disliked Stouts at first, but now I actually enjoy them. So it's up to you!

The Bourbon County is a huge hit right now. Since I'm not from the States and craft beer is unavailable in my current location, I haven't had the chance to try it yet though, so I don't know how good it is. You might want to get one and save it for a special occasion.

Keep science in mind as you venture forth. You WILL find a few brews you think are odd or "displeasing". You need to learn/adapt to think instead that they are just "different". Eventually, you will love trying new styles and new versions of the same beer.