Exposing Them To The Craft

For dinner parties there is a lot to keep in mind. Beer and wine is fine! Craft beer is also super "in" right now. I feel like that might work best for a more casual or daytime wedding where folks won't be expecting cocktails. You know your guests though! It could help to put it on the invites or your wedding website so there will be no suprises.

I'm having a brunch wedding and we are only having mimosas, bloody Mary's, lemonade and sodas at our "open bar". It's your day!

I did attend a wedding where people did bitch about there not being liquor (mostly single guys, to each other; not to the bride or groom obviously!) but it's not a huge deal.

Free drinks are free drinks to me.

I think for this one you may have to take a look at the people you're inviting and apply what you know about their drinking tastes. My brother had a beer/wine bar for his wedding what he failed to realize was that almost 90% of his family drinks scotch or whiskey-based drinks exclusively. So in this particular instance, he didn't get the bang for his buck in a beer/wine bar.

No one drank really, and then no one danced because they were stone-cold sober, etc.

However, if you know your family is comprised of wine drinkers or beer drinkers, go for it. I know most people on this sub tend to go for the "It's free booze, they should be happy with what they get!" but I do think you should consider your guests' tastes here.

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