Craft Beer and Weddings

I think that the nice thing about craft beer is that it is able to serve a wide range of uses. For example craft beer is cheaper than wine, the good stuff, and it often has a higher value in peoples eyes. Wine is very much a personal thing and price comes into play quite often.

Yet craft beer can add a nice note to those frugal weddings. And it can add a lot of charm and even elegance to the event. A wedding is a celebration that brings a lot of different people together, some may want "normal beer" others will want something "more fitting" for the occasion. And then the majority will love the opportunity to try something "new." Beth's had a nice run down for making weddings frugal, and as I was reading I really thought that it would be a great place to add in some craft.

But what should you choose?

Depends on what you want to do: go with tried and true favorites or introduce people to unique Colorado craft beer, or both?

Avery, New Belgium and Oskar Blues are widely available out of state. If you are looking to 'surprise' people, I might ditch one of these and go with a different craft choice.

White Rascal, Fat Tire, and Dale's Pale will hit most of your marks.

Consider Dry Dock's Apricot Blonde for a lighter beer. Great Divide's Collette is a popular farmhouse.

I'd pick a smooth porter; Strange makes a delicious Pumpkin Porter that's super smooth right now. You might take a second look at IBU's. Most people who "aren't beer people" are turned off by the bitterness. Selecting more beers with lower IBU's will help more people branch out.

Nix the Native and the Coors Light; you can find better lagers than those two. Avery makes a great Pils, Left Hand's Polestar works well, Great Divide's Nomad or Hoss should fit the pils/lager end as well.

To those who don't want the craft beers, you gotta learn sometime that there are tasty beers out there. Might as well while at a wedding. Lately all the weddings I've been to have super crafty home brews.

Make sure you check with your venue to see what they can get easily.

We have had friends who wanted to get a couple legs of their favorite stuff for their wedding, but there was an absurd tapping fee at our venue because their distributor couldn't get it. This is despite the fact that they would have bought the legs from the brewer and brought them to the venue ourselves. If my memory's accurate it has to do with their liquor licensing.

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